• Group member Chern Ein OON (Malaysia) wrote a piece on “Kindness in the face of COVID-19” for the Women of the Future Programme blog in June 2020.
  • The World Forum for Women in Science – Brazil 2020 (4th International Conference for Women in Science without Borders) took place 10-14 February 2020 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It was organised by the Brazilian Academy of Sciences. WiS co-lead Shalini Arya (India) represented the GYA. See her brief report here.
  • The 3rd International Women in Science without Borders Conference took place 12-14 March 2019 in Egypt. After successful conferences in Egypt (2017) and South Africa (2018), the third conference focused on ‘Science Diplomacy for Sustainable Development’. It was preceded by a training programme on ‘Science diplomacy and science advice’ on 10-11 March 2019. See here for a brief report.
  • The Women in Science Working Group has started developing an online mentorship programme for young female scientists lead by Ghada Bassioni (Egypt) and Tatiana Martins (Brazil). The mentorship programme will provide young women scientists all over the world with the opportunity to be mentored by GYA members and experienced scholars with the mission to direct, stimulate and coordinate young women scientists in achieving professional and personal success and fulfillment. It will moreover enhance continued education for both female and male participants and contribute to the improvement of the global image of successful women scientists as role models. The group has also developed print materials, including a flyer as well as a calendar with catchy quotes from working group members on Women in   Science, to advertise for the mentorship programme.



In May 2020, members of the group published a paper on “GYA Women in Science stay and work from home: How might we make Covid-19 lockdown work for us?“. In this, they share their inspiring experiences on how they deal with the current challenging times balancing work and family responsibilities, while working hard towards finding solutions for the future of this world.


The Women in Science group have produced two videos, one on “Women in Science for a better world“, and one about their group and its activities.



Further Information

The GYA working group on Women in Science would like to draw your attention to the Women in STEM resource guide from Maryville University (US). This in-depth resource guide was created for girls, young women, teachers and educators who are looking to share information that encourages women to study STEM and pursue careers in the STEM field.