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Al-Kitab University

College of Pharmacy

Altun-Kupri, Kirkuk 36001, Iraq

Research Interests

Formulation, Drug design, Skin and Topical delivery, Oral delivery, Educational tools, Pharmacy practices, sustainability, and STEM sciences


Topics to speak on:

Educational Tool, Women in STEM, Empowering with Sciences, Drug design (Skin or Oral) and copyrights, Cosmetic for STEM

Words of Wisdom

Embrace the wisdom that ‘no’ is not a final verdict, but rather a signal that the method employed requires refinement or transformation. Direct your energy towards self-discovery and growth, rather than fixating on others. Yet, in this journey, extend a helping hand even to those who challenge you, for it is grace and integrity that ultimately lead to triumph and lasting worth


Reem Abou Assi is a fully registered pharmacist, currently affiliated as a lecturer at the College of Pharmacy at Al Kitab University, Iraq. She is the leader of the EDEN research group, with a track record of international and national invited judges, research collaborations, copyrights, and awards such as USM fellowships and excellence in publications awards from Majlis Persada Kencana, USM. She has been spotted in many bulletins, including One Million Real Women in STEM (USA) and Gattefosse® Newsletters (France).

Reem is passionate about looking into and creating new educational resources and workshops that inspire scientists and students to find their gifts and improve their scientific communication abilities. Reem is on the editorial boards of several journals for research. Her work, which focuses on creating nanotechnology-based solutions to improve drug performance in the human body with the tagline “safety and efficacy” coming together, is simultaneously published in first-class journals of Q1 and Q2 classes. Reem fights climate change and promotes science literacy at the Centre for Global Sustainability Studies, USM, where she serves as a green ambassador and an ambassador for education.

At Al-Kitab University, besides the drug delivery and pharmaceutical sciences work, Reem is the head of the academic entrepreneur incubator, with ongoing collaborations with the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education, and a member of the Al-Kitab University climate change committee, tackling issues that are critical for Iraq’s future via current projects at the EDEN research group.

Current Project Titles:

  • Phytochemical Products for GIT Disorders
  • Cosmetic Product Package of Green Resources
  • Assessment of Climate Change Awareness and Practices
  • Academic Entrepreneurship in Pharmacy
  • Development of Educational tools to enhance students’ capacity


Bronze medal, INTELEC Innovation of Teaching & Learning Materials Category, Malaysia, 2023

Golden medal, the International Innovate Competition at IMU Learning Resources Festival, Malaysia, 2022

Champion of Poster presentation, The Federation of Asian Pharmaceutical Associations (FAPA), Malaysia, 2022

Silver Medal Award, Putra InnoCreative Carnival in Teaching and Learning program, Universiti Putra Malaysia, 2022

USM PhD Fellowship, 2020

Golden Medal Award, Putra InnoCreative Carnival in Teaching and Learning program, Universiti Putra Malaysia, 2020


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