Information for Alumni

The GYA benefits enormously from its growing, global network of Alumni!

Since 2019, the number of GYA Alumni has surpassed the number of members, currently counting 327.

GYA Alumni represent all disciplines and world regions, and many have become established and leading scientists and scholars, contributing to society as well as their reserach fields.

This page outlines what GYA Alumni have to gain from the GYA and the Alumni network, and how Alumni can contribute to the GYA even after their active membership has ended.


How can Alumni be involved in the GYA?

Global Interdisciplinary Network of Science Leaders

The growing GYA Alumni network is a pool of resources and talent. Search the network using key words (e.g. “climate”, “water”, “education”) to find and connect with your alumni peers: Alumni | Global Young Academy.

Opportunities and Nominations

The GYA provides a weekly newsletter and public page with opportunities, scholarships, prizes and other calls. Visit and/or share with your wider network: Opportunities | Global Young Academy

Through its partner network, the GYA nominates experts to international working groups, prizes and committees, often extending calls to Alumni.

Mentoring Pool

The GYA Mentoring Pool connects Members and Alumni to one another with an aim to share experience and skills to foster career development. Read more and sign up or browse here: Mentoring Pool 

Committee Work

Many Alumni support the day-to-day work of GYA Committees, providing valuable experience as scholars and scientists, and as former GYA members who know the organisation well.

Committees perform important tasks for the organisation, such as evaluation of member applications, fundraising, output review, and nominations. Alumni are invited to join committees throughout the year, by writing to the GYA Office.


The GYA is a non-profit organisation and receives core funding for its administration from the German government. Many of its annual activities which require international travel of members, are realisable only through fundraising. Contact the GYA’s Managing Director if you have a specific idea to contribute to the GYA’s fundraising efforts.

The GYA accepts donations directly, here: Donate to the Global Young Academy.


More Information

In a 2013 Addendum to its Constitution, the GYA defines who are Alumni, their rights and restrictions, and possible roles in the GYA. See: GYA Alumni Policy.

The GYA is working to develop Alumni work, and open to your feedback. The GYA Alumni Initiative was started at the Anniversary AGM 2019: GYA Alumni Initiative | Global Young Academy.

Share your updates! The GYA would like to hear about your successes, and share these with our network in the newsletter or on social media: You are the GYA – share your story! | Global Young Academy 


Voices of Alumni

Global Young Academy Alumni of the Month 1: Orakanoke Phanraksa

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