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National research center, Dokki, Cairo, Egypt

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The first Egyptian young scientist who attended Summer DAVOS 2009-China based on the initiative of IAP to empower the young scientists worldwide, and hence she was one of the few active founders of Global young academy (GYA) where she attended and co-organized the founding workshop of GYA in Berlin at 2010 and hence was the one –based on the initiative of IAP-who wrote for the first time to ASRT to establish the Egyptian young academy of sciences (EYAS) where the government responded to IAP initiative and launched the initiative of EYAS earlier. Therefore, Dr. Amal is a co-founder of the Egyptian Young Academy of Science EYAS. Dr. Amal has served as the executive committee member of (GYA) for the following three years directly after founding of GYA (2010-2013). She is the group leader of women in science and member in the selection committee of GYA. She was the contact person for EYAS during the preparation of the fact finding mission of GYA to Egypt to help in launching (EYAS). Dr. Amal is associate professor at the polymers & pigments department and leader of the nanostructured polymers research group at the centre of excellence at National Research Center in Egypt. She earned her B.Sc. at the Chemistry Department of Ain Shams University in Cairo and her M.Sc. in Organic Chemistry at the Faculty of Science of Cairo University. With a DAAD scholarship at the Inorganic Chemistry Department II of Ulm University in Germany, she earned her Ph.D. in Polymer Technology & Catalysis. Since then, she has occupied different positions. Research stays brought her to France, USA and again to Germany for several times. She supervised and headed several international, national projects, postgraduate students and has several activities. She organized and attended numerous national and international events and carried out two memorandums of understanding between Egypt, Georgia and MTU-USA. She is founder and president of the Egyptian Society of Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology. She is the founder and coordinator of the Arab Materials Science and Nanotechnology Network. She was also selected as TWAS Young Affiliate in 2010 till 2014. Additionally, she is a member of the Arab-German Young Scientists Forum (2011). She has lots of scientific publications in highly ranked journals. She is a member in many scientific organizations and acts as reviewer and referee in the field of nanotechnology, polymer technology and nanocomposites for different international journals and organizations. She got several national and international awards. Recently, she has been selected in the task force and cofounder for establishment of Islamic young academy (IWAYS). She is a member of committee for developing Global Civics courses in the Arab region. She has several activities related to science education, simplified science and science communication where she attended the international science communication workshop in Korea in June-2014 and organized several science days with EYAS along Egypt governorates to enhance public science literacy.

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