What is a Young Academy?

Young Academy (YA) is an academic organization typically formed by young scientists and scholars at the beginning of their independent careers who have been selected for the excellence of their research impact and commitment to service. Membership in a YA is for a limited term, normally 4-5 years, after which members become YA alumni.

Young Academies typically work as the voice of young scientists for the advancement of issues important to young scientists. This can includes for example  science education or the dialog between science and society. Most Young Academies are affiliated with a senior Academy of Sciences (or  – as in the case of the GYA – with a network of senior academies).

The Young Academy Movement is the ensemble of the YAs and initiatives to form YAs and the interactions between them.


At the GYA AGM 2012, Prof. Roseanne Diab (Academy of Science on South Africa) discussed the role and experience of Senior Academies in the establishment of Young Academies with Caradee Wright (Co-Chair of the South African Young Academy of Science).