Profile picture of: Stefania Mondello


University of Messina

Department of Biomedical and Dental Sciences and Morphofunctional Imaging

Research Interests

Traumatic Brain Injury


Advanced Statistical Models

Neurodegenerative Diseases

Brain Research

Systematic Review and Meta-analysis


Topics to speak on:

Biomarkers, Brain Research, Brain Injury, Traumatic Brain Injury


Stefania is a trained physician with a sub-specialty in critical care medicine and extensive experience in clinical neurotrauma, biomarker research, and advanced statistical analysis methods. She has worked at Banyan Biomarkers, Inc. as Director of Clinical Research on the clinical validation of novel biochemical markers of traumatic brain injury (TBI) and currently has an appointment at the University of Messina as a full professor.

Stefania coordinates multidisciplinary laboratories and transitional neuroscience research projects as principal investigator and co-investigator. The pioneering work she has been leading has contributed to the discovery of novel biomarker signatures for neurological disorders and the development of blood-based brain injury markers being used in clinical studies worldwide and approved by the FDA. The ultimate goal of Stefania’s research is to address the clinical utility of TBI biomarkers and support their adoption in clinical practice as a tool to improve patient diagnosis, endophenotyping, management, and outcome.