The foundations for this group were laid at the 2016 workshop Broadening the scope of science advice (GYA/INGSA/JRC) and the 2016 conference Science & Policy Making: Towards a New Dialogue (INGSA/EC) both held in Brussels, and we were officially established as a GYA Working Group in the summer of 2017.

In the meantime, however, we had already launched several initiatives and activities related to science advice. We participated in JRC and INGSA meetings, wrote a report together, and gave advice on the INGSA Science Advice Manifesto.

Further spinoff results are:

– a G20 policy brief: Consolidated G20 synthetic biology policies and their role in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (Bart Kolodziejczyk and Alexander Kagansky)

– an annual event called Scientists-in-Residence organised in Melbourne (Bart Kolodziejczyk)

– participation in UN-STI (Muhammad H Zaman)

– participation in the JRC workshop Policy Impact of Knowledge and Knowledge Organisations (Koen Vermeir)

–  participation in the conference Governing better through evidence-informed policy making, hosted by the OECD (Patrizio Antici, Koen Vermeir)

– participation in the JRC workshop on skills for evidence-informed policymaking (Patrizio Antici).


We are currently planning to actively work together with organisations focusing on science advice, such as INGSA and the JRC.


We aim at

– attaining a deeper level of understanding of science advice and the involvement by stakeholders

– capacity building in science advice for policy making for young scientists and policy makers

– organising concrete actions and building a community of young scientists and decision makers around this topic

Published Report: Broadening the scope of science advice

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