Profile picture of: Clarissa Rios Rojas


United Nations

UN Office for Disarmament Affairs

Research Interests

Global Risk, Emerging technologies, Science Diplomacy, Policymaking, Sustainable Development, Women Empowerment, Reduction of Inequalities, Higher Education.


Topics to speak on:

Global Risk, Molecular Biology, Policy, Government Science Advice, Women Empowerment, Emerging technologies


With a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology and a Master’s in Biomedicine & Neuroscience, Dr Rios Rojas have dedicated her career to bridging the gap between scientific innovation and effective policymaking. Her global engagement spans influential platforms such as the World Economic Forum, the G20, the European Commission and diverse UN offices, where she has honed expertise in diverse topics, from women’s economic empowerment to global catastrophic risks. Serving as an expert advisor for organizations like the OECD, the UK parliament, and the UNDRR, she has made substantial contributions to initiatives promoting international security and managing risks associated with AI and bioweapons. As a Political Affairs Officer at the United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs (UNODA), her focus lies in safeguarding humanity against weapons of mass destruction, including chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons, with emphasis in biorisks and its convergence with other emerging technologies. She contributes to the implementation of the Biological Weapons Convention and continues her passionate pursuit at the forefront of foresight, science diplomacy, and global risk management, all with the overarching goal of fostering a safer, more peaceful world.


Women Economic Forum – Women of Excellence

Latin American Eisenhower Fellow

UN Women champion for change

Asian Forum on Global Governance and Raisina Dialogues Young Fellow

UNESCO youth delegate at the week for Education in sustainable development and global citizenship

Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leader