Ongoing collaboration with CODATA and the Research Data Alliance towards developing international training and policy guidelines on Open Data and links to CODATA Early Career Data Professionals (ECDP; hyperlink: ; also link their blog entry on GYA collaboration:

Collaboration with the GYA Working Group “Global Access to Research Software” and INASP to produce a report on the conditions for access to Open Software in middle and low income countries.

Joachim is leading the organization of a Wikipedia Edithlone, recruiting GYA members to contribute to scientific entries on Wikipedia.

Over the past few months, the Working Group “Open Science” has been preparing a workshop on 22 January 2016 in Exeter, UK, bringing together the GYA Working Group “Global Access to Reasearch Software” and some members of the GYA as well as a research assistant and visiting scholar from Bangladesh. This workshop showcases results of a recent survey that explored the conditions for access to and use of Open Software in middle and low income countries. The survey targeted specifically researchers in Bangladesh, Nigeria and Ghana. In the workshop, results will be presented and discussed, and participants will have the opportunity to inform the writing of a report and a publication emerging from this research. These results will also be used by the GYA to inform current science policies concerned with Open Science.

Acting as reader during the consultation process OS WG leader Sabina Leonelli gave input to the Science International Accord on Open Data in a Big Data World.