The Open Science Working Group is working together with key stakeholders in the Open Science Movement and is actively promoting policy change towards Open Science.

We promote an inclusive approach towards Open Science, with a special focus on Open Access, Open Data, Open Software and a new initiative on Open Conferences.

We have an ongoing collaboration with CODATA (Committee on Data of the International Council for Science) and the Research Data Alliance towards developing international training and policy guidelines on Open Data.

One of our members, Sabina Leonelli (UK), is representing the GYA within the Open Science Policy Platform of the European Commission, where she drives policy change towards Open Science.

While policy change towards Open Science is in full swing, we are also working to increase awareness of Open Science and its uptake by scientists.

Eva Alisic (Australia) launched the More Open Access Pledge in 2016, which was taken up by many members, and the group is currently working on new initiatives, including a plea for organising “Open Conferences”.

GYA Members can access the intranet Open Science WG here.



The Open Science Working Group at work during the 2017 GYA Annual General Meeting in Aviemore (© Shoji Komai 2017)