Profile picture of: Abel Polese


Tallinn University

Institte of Social Sciences

Narva mnt 25-29, 10120, Tallinn, Estonia

Research Interests

Shadow economies, research careers, development in practice, fundraising, strategic thinking, science excellence, open science, research policy


Topics to speak on:

open access, science excellence, science evaluation, publication strategies, management of academic careers, life-work balance, shadow, illegal and illicit economies


Abel Polese is a researcher, writer, development worker, fundraiser. In addition to research on modes of governance in the developing world, he is interested in

1) management of academic careers. He delivers workshops and trainings on how to design your career strategy, optimize your publication outcome and think strategically of your career

2) science evaluation. He is co-lead of the excellence in science WG at GYA and is working to redefine criteria used to evaluate scientific performance

3) open science. He is co-lead of the Open Science WG at GYA and is working to a training for young scientists on how to avoid predatory publishers



2011 Global Education Award (Council of Europe, North-South Center)