Profile picture of: Henri Edouard Tonnang


University of Buea, International Centre for Insect Physiology and Ecology (ICIPE) – Modelling

Research Interests

Applied Mathematics


Henri Tonnang is a scientist in the Plant health division and a member of the crop/insect modeling team. Most of his research is on developing, applying and exploring new computation methods for decision support for good IPM practices and interventions, disease vector control, climate change and variability impact assessments. He likes using models that link mathematical, biological and physical principles for assessing the present and predicting the future as well as testing the models with experimental data. Prior of taking up his current position at icipe, he worked at the International Potato Center (CIP), where he contributed in developing the Insect Life Cycle Modelling (ILCYM) software, a generic platform for arthropod phenology models building, population analysis and risk mapping. ILCYM was developed using R-codes, with an interface in Java programming language that is linked to uDig platform, which is a geographic information system (GIS) used for spatial analysis.
He has expertise in various modeling conceptual and theoretical frameworks and has over 30 publications.