The video of the Open Science Fair 2019 has just been released! You can watch GYA Co-Chair and past co-lead of the GYA Open Science working group Koen Vermeir (France) deliver a presentation on the new implementation guidelines of “Plan S”, the revolutionary plan to make science open access by 2021.

Besides Koen, the panel also featured Neil Jacobs (Coalition S), Vasco Vaz (FCT) and Luke Drury (ALLEA).

The video can be seen here.

In his talk (from minute 45), Koen reminded cOAlition S of some of their own key principles: that all researchers should be able to publish their work as Open Access (Principle 4), and that support will be provided for Open Access infrastructures where necessary (Principle 3). Koen also called on cOAlition S to work together to articulate a vision for the long term future of Open Access.

The concluding discussion covers a broad array of topics related to Open Access and Plan S, including the controversial push to Transformative Agreements: