Calls for Contributions

To All Global Young Academy Members:

Greetings! Our Young Scientist Ambassador Program (YSAP) is seeking GYA Ambassadors to make connections across the perceived barriers, e.g. between countries which are geographically, economically, politically, or/and culturally different. The aim of the proposed mission should be hopefully spanning beyond academic/professional interest, and include agendas of early education, peace message, dissolution of the barriers using message of science, and solidifying of the perception of humankind and nature being one big family.

Calls for applications will be coming soon!




The YSAP accomplishes its objectives by (1) serving as a medium to connect various GYA members who might have common interests and (2) locating money or funding opportunities to pay for the international activities. The YSAP currently operates with a budget from the GYA. The amounts are not comprehensive for a given Ambassador, but serve as financial assistance to complement other funds available for the Ambassadorships.