Call for Virtual YSAP Missions 2020

The group is calling for proposals for online missions in 2020. All GYA members, irrespective of whether they are a member of the YSAP working group, can apply. Each proposal should come from two GYA members, one from a developing country, the other from a developed country. For details of what is suggested and what kind of funding is available, please see the call here. The deadline for submitting a mission proposal is 10 September 2020. Information on how to apply can also be found in the document linked above.

General Information

The YSAP accomplishes its objectives by (1) serving as a medium to connect various GYA members who might have common interests and (2) locating money or funding opportunities to pay for the international activities. The YSAP currently operates with a budget from the GYA. The amounts are not comprehensive for a given Ambassador, but serve as financial assistance to complement other funds available for the Ambassadorships.

For an overview of YSAP, please watch Adewale Adewuyi (Nigeria) and John Malone (USA) present an introduction of the programme.

For a history of YSAP, please watch founder Steve Miller (USA) present the initial beginnings and early missions funded by this programme.


The primary outcomes of the Ambassadorships are Mission Reports posted here on the YSAP website. As of November 2019, there have been 24 funded YSAP Missions, and six volunteer outreach activities:

Funded Missions


# 24 Lahcen El Youssfi visits Chile

#23 Flávia Pires visits Argentina

#22 Mahesh Kumar visits Israel

# 21 Koen Vermeir visits Romania


#20 Mirabbos Hojamberdiev visits India

#19 Thomas Edison dela Cruz visits Serbia

#18 Science Caravan visits Cambodia


#17 Mirabbos Hojamberdiev visits Tanzania

#16 John Malone visits Costa Rica

#15 Almas Taj Awan visits Pakistan

#14 Thomas Edison dela Cruz visits Myanmar


#13 Dmitry Maslov visits Serbia

#12 Vidushi Neergheen-Bhujun visits the United Kingdom


#11 Alexander Kagansky visits Mauritius

#10 Ghada Bassioni visits Germany

#9 Thomas Edison dela Cruz visits Austria

#8 Ghada Bassioni visits The Netherlands


#7 Javier Garcia Martinez visits Peru


#6 Thomas Schwarze visits Botswana


#5 Five Ambassadors visit Fochville, South Africa

#4 Four Ambassadors visit Pretoria, South Africa


#3 Stephen Miller visits Indonesia

#2 Johan Akerman visits Vietnam

#1 Caradee Wright visits Réunion Island


Non-funded YSAP Outreach Activities


Mahesh Kumar visits Uzbekistan

Young Scientist Ambassador Programme builds connections at Burapha University, Thailand


YSAP participates in Skype a Scientist

Mahesh Kumar held an outreach activity in India

outreach activity on “Synthetic Biology and the Future”


Shamsun Nahar Khan started a series of science outreach activities in Bangladesh