In August 2017, GYA member John Malone went on an outreach mission to Costa Rica for the GYA Young Scientists Ambassador Programme (YSAP). During his stay, he engaged with researchers at the Universidad de Costa Rica to propose a joint study of muscle hypertrophy mechanisms with students in biology. Meetings took place to lay the groundwork necessary for collaboration in preparation for a student exchange in summer 2018. John also met with Cultural Affairs Specialists at the US Embassy of Costa Rica to connect GYA outreach efforts with activities organised by the Embassy for students in Costa Rica. He gave a presentation on the GYA to the president and executive director of the National Academy of Sciences of Costa Rica to inform scientists about the GYA and to recruit new members from Central America. Finally, he met with conservation officials at the Costa Rican Ministry of Environment and Energy in Puriscal to start permit applications for fieldwork and data collection for the collaborative research project. The full YSAP mission report can be found here.