GYA member Caradee Wright engaged with researchers at Le Laboratoire de l’Atmosphère et des Cyclones (LACy) at the University de la Réunion, in St. Denis de La Réunion, through an exciting linking of atmospheric physics and public health. In 2010, a research project was initiated between South Africa and Réunion Island, France to co-ordinate and work together for investigating the structure and dynamics of the atmosphere by using different in-situ, space-borne and model simulation techniques. The project aims to strengthen the research collaboration between participating countries to understand the aerosol and cloud characteristics in the sub-tropical Southern Hemisphere.  As a result an Ambassador had prepared a presentation about the planned study entailing a human health risk assessment of solar ultraviolet (UV) radiation in Réunion and South Africa. Research project presentation is available here as a pdf file.

Also Caradee held a YSAP outreach activity for Oasis College (Secondary School) students in  the Réunion Island, which aims to excite and encourage a class of secondary school science and geography students to pursue a science-based career; and connect them to a class in South Africa (St Mary’s Diocesan School for Girls (DSG) in Pretoria).

The full mission report of this YSAP funded exchange can be found here.

University of Réunion building housing LACy

Geography Students at St. Mary’s DSG in Pretoria