GYA members Reza Afshari, Jauad El Kharraz, Rob Jenkins, Jeronimo Maze and Javier Moguerza held an outreach activity and interaction with students (ages 9-14) at Thuto-Kitso Comprehensive School in Fochville, South Africa. Around 40 school students from different classes participated in this programme.

A briefing on the school was given by the director of the school, Ms. Eunice Mabiletsa and she also presented to the Ambassadors professors charged with receiving them in their classes.

Each one the five Ambassadors prepared a presentation or a game with which to engage the students. Each Ambssador was directed to a different class and mostly they conducted three class sessions.

The learners were able to interact on topics ranging from soft matter, DNA, polymers, environment and water, climate change, remote sensing, mathematics, physics, chemistry, pollution, renewable energies, to astrophysics and space.

Some of the insights about this experience as the full mission report of this YSAP funded exchange can be found here.