On 9 November 2017, as part of the Skype a Scientist programme, John Malone (USA) and Sasha Kagansky (UK, Russia)from the GYA Young Scientist Ambassador Programme skyped with students from Athens Middle School, Alabama (USA). They did so while they were attending the World Science Forum 2017 in Jordan. This created a rare opportunity for students in the USA to hear directly about Jordan and to compare it to life in Alabama. They discussed the objectives of the World Science Forum, why this year’s theme “Science for Peace” is an important theme, and the significance of the meeting being held in the Middle East. Students asked questions about what it is like to be a scientist and what was it like to be in Jordan, and were very interested to listen to John and Sasha offering their perspectives and stressing how important it is for students to follow their interests and to be curious about the world.

The Skype a Scientist programme aims to connect students with scientists to create a conversation on what it is like to be a scientist, the path needed to become a scientist, and what scientists do for a living. For more information and to participate in the Skype a Scientist programme please see here.