Summer 2018 -The group have published a promotional video of their work, filmed by Nerina Finetto/ Traces.Dreams​.

Spring 2018 – The group is currently organising a Scientific Symposium on Biodiversity and Biomedicine: Sustainability for Human Health within the World Social Science Forum in September 2018 in Japan. See here for details.

January 2018 – The group’s first position statement on the ‘Conservation of Biodiversity: Protecting Molecular Diversity and Biomedical Discoveries‘ has been released.

December 2017 – Several members from the Biodiversity group have been involved in the publication of an article titled “Bio2Bio Consortium: Biodiversity, Drug Discovery, and the Future of Global Health – introducing the Biodiversity to Biomedicine Consortium, a Call to Action” in the Journal of Global Health.

The group is working on forming a network of research activities (finding new lead compounds from indigenous species) and establishing a library of compounds.