For the 2021-22 funding period, GYA members will continue to be active in 17 working groups and three Incubators within the three GYA Themes of Science & Society, Research Environment, and Science Education and Outreach.

The GYA Rainbow incubator has been promoted to working group status. The Plastic Problem Solutions group will continue as a GYA incubator for a second year.

A new GYA incubator on Science Diplomacy in the Americas has been established and is being led by Paulina Carmona-Mora (United States). The group proposes to start its work from the insight that in terms of scientific and economic development, America is a diverse continent. They will develop relevant partnerships and gain an understanding of current science diplomacy initiatives in the region. Activities may result in (online) meetings and workshops, and publications on the topic, as well as a social media campaign to promote openness to partnerships between the Americas.

In addition to regular base funding for the calendar year 2021, top-up funding for specific additional activities has been granted to the following GYA working groups for the period July 2021 – June 2022: