Profile picture of Yensi Flores Bueso


University College Cork

Cork, Ireland

Research Interests

Synthetic Biology / Protein engineering / Microbiome and Cancer


Topics to speak on:

Microbiome, Cancer, Science innovation and entrepreneurship,


I obtained my BSc in Biology from the National University of Honduras (UNAH). After which I pursued an MSc in Molecular Biology and Bioinnovation in University College Cork. My PhD was focused in the development of methods for the microbiome analysis of tumours and using tumour targeting bacteria to deliver genetically encoded biomolecules to the tumours.

Beside my studies I have engaged in start-up initiatives, among them  (1) the first molecular biology lab for the biology school in my home University (UNAH); (2) a molecular diagnostic lab for the reference laboratory in Honduras (Laboratorios Médicos); (3) A health care centre for the integral treatment of diabetic patients and patients with metabolic diseases; (4) GlowDx - a start-up developing molecular diagnostics tailored for the needs of low-income countries (Irish young entrepreneur of the year (2015/2016), Google Adopt a start-up, IndieBio and finalist for SXSW, Pioneer500).


Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship for pursuing my PhD

AMIDILA Scholarship (European Commission) for pursuing my MSc degree

Academic Excellence Scholarship (UNAH) for pursuing my BSc degree