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Data Sonification 

This project started in 2016 as the “Well-Tempered Brain”, and continued and expanded in 2017, working towards “Sonic Homunculus”. The idea is to take biological data from brain and other organs (electric neurons firing, transcriptomics, etc.) and transform them into sounds with the help of musicians and sound engineers.

2084: Futures of Science and Technology

This project is a collaboration with the GYA Science Education for Youth group. It started with workshops in Scotland on Synthetic Biology. The current focus is on Food Security. The plan is to have workshops with student teams from different countries, using teleconferencing for sharing ideas, involving Scotland, Cambodia, and Qatar. See a video here.


This project is based on an international internet-based phone for captive marine mammals. It can potentially be expanded to involve primates and other human-like species.

GYA dreams

This project started in 2017 and aims to produce small arty video interviews with interested GYA members where they would discuss their blue-sky ideas that can save the world.



The group have published a CD compilation for “The Aesthetics of Biodiversity” project. The compilation introduces the artists who are engaged through their sound works with ecological and biodiversity issues. Their unique approaches are inspired by scientific concepts in biology and ecology including research in plant, insect and animal behavior as well as studies about the relationships between living organisms and their environment. The digital version is available on the Bandcamp platform here.


On the occasion of the GYA Annual General Meeting and Conference, which took place online in June/July 2020, the group organised a science & art compilation on “The Aesthetics of Biodiversity“. The compilation brings together the artists who are engaged through their works with ecological issues such as biodiversity loss, climate change, destruction and pollution of natural environments. Their unique approaches, where installations, video and sound works are used as the mediums for exploration and better understanding of the issues mentioned above, complemented well the interdisciplinary and intergenerational dialogue on the conference topic “Heal the Earth: Sustainable Development Goals in a Changing World”. For more details see here, or directly watch the works on the dedicated GYA YouTube channel.


At the GYA Annual General Meeting in Halle (Saale), Germany, in May 2019, the group organised a science exhibition on “Finding Affinities – At the Nexus of Art and Science”. See here for more details.


So far, the group has produced a number of documentaries (e.g. ‘Beyond Discipline’, ‘Well-Tempered Brain’, etc.) and soundscapes, with more currently in production. A number of new collaborations have been initiated and interdisciplinary meetings were organised.