Karen Cloete

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University of the Western Cape


Karen Cloete is a past South African Young Academy of Science (SAYAS) Co-Chair and Young Scientist Community alumnus of the World Economic Forum. Her research focuses on chemical fingerprinting of biological material with ion beam and synchrotron radiation technologies for application in diverse fields. She has developed, convened, and lectured courses in microbiology and the biological applications of ion beam analysis, and has also presented workshops on science writing. She has mentored and co-supervised national and international fellows from interdisciplinary fields on successfully approaching, publishing, and communicating a research project. She has been the recipient of various scholarships, grants, and awards, published interdisciplinary research papers, and her work has been highlighted in popular media and at international academic and non-academic conferences. She has contributed to the formulation of statements on topical issues in science and has also served on various committees. She strongly believes in the power of science to transform society.

Awards & Affiliations


World Economic Forum Young Scientist

SAYAS past co-chair

EuroScience-Bosch award

IUPAP and IAEA travel awards


TWAS-NCP fellowship