GYA member Sabina Leonelli who was elected member of the Open Science Policy Platform (OSPP) of the EU in May 2016 attended the first meeting of the working group in Brussels on 19 September. The OSPP provides advice to the European Commission concerning the implementation of Open Science policies over the next two years. This comes at a crucial turning point in European research governance, with transformations afoot in the ways in which research is assessed, published and funded. EU Commissioner Carlos Moedas and the Open Science team of the Commission were present at the OSPP meeting, and reassured participants of their full support and the expectation that the OSPP will be able to affect ongoing policy-making through feedback and targeted interventions.

The Open Science Policy Platform working group at their meeting in Brussels.

Moedas particularly encouraged the group to provide feedback on sustainable business models for open access and open data, ways in which the European Science Cloud recently prospected by the Commission could be set up to lead internationally, and ways in which research integrity can be put at the heart of all open science activities. Participants raised concerns around transparency, the importance of voicing researchers’ needs and concerns, and the relationship between researchers, publishers and industry. The proceedings then saw participants split in three groups, discussing career development and credit systems, open data and the cloud, and publishing models respectively. It was decided that OSPP proceedings would be open for community feedback and discussion. The EU will be providing a digital platform for discussion of OSPP activities by the end of the year.

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