Profile picture of: Luisa Fernanda Echeverría-King


Universidad Simón Bolívar


Cra 53#64-51

Barranquilla, Colombia.

Research Interests

Internationalization of Higher Education

Science Diplomacy

Internationalization of Research

International Scientific Cooperation

Global South


Topics to speak on:

Science Diplomacy, Internationalization of Higher Education, Internationalization of Research

Words of Wisdom

Amor fati.


Luisa F. Echeverría-King holds a PhD in Education from Universidad de Murcia and is researcher on issues related to international higher education, science diplomacy and the development of science, technology and innovation capacities in Latin America. Head of Diplomacy and International Scientific Cooperation at Universidad Simón Bolívar, in Colombia. In 2020, takes a Course on Science Diplomacy in India; she is also a fellow from the Warsaw School of Science Diplomacy and the Brazilian School of Science and Innovation Diplomacy. Mashav fellow for a course on New Pedagogies in Higher Education (2016). Fellow of the AAAS  and TWAS for a course on Science Diplomacy with a perspective on Southern countries and DAAD-fellow for a course on Management of Internationalization. Executive Director of Diplocientifica. Vice-President of the Colombian National Chapter of the Organization for Women in Science in the Developing World from UNESCO (OWSD). Member of the Liaison Committee for the Regional Focal Point for Latin America and the Caribbean of the International Science Council. She has participated in the construction of the national policy for the internationalization of STI and science diplomacy in Colombia during the year 2022. Member of the Global Young Academy since 2023.


Fellow from the Indian Government 2020 for a course on Science Diplomacy in New Delhi (ITEC fellow)

Fellow from The São Paulo/TWAS Innovation and Science Diplomacy School (InnSciD SP) 2021

MASHAV Fellow for a course on New Pedagogies of the 21. Century for Higher Education (2016)

DAAD fellow for a course on Management of Internationalisation (2014-2015)

DAAD fellow for a double degree with Germany at master’s level (2012-2013)

Fellow from AAAS-TWAS Course on Science Diplomacy (2021)