ALLEA General Assembly “Science and Society in Present-day Europe”

ALLEA General Assembly “Science and Society in Present-day Europe"

At this ALLEA 25th anniversary conference, the GYA is organizing a panel session on 9 May. The session will discuss conclusions from the GYA’s International Conference of Young Scientists ‘Re-Enlightenment? Truth, Reason and Science in a Global World’.

At a time of perceived erosion of trust in science, GYA panelists will discuss the values of the Enlightenment in today’s society, in digital transformation, and in a so-called post-truth world. Panelists will analyse the potential for a (Re-)Enlightenment from three different perspectives. How can we embrace the universality of science while valuing local and cultural differences? In a society that is moving away from Enlightened values, yet is still relying on scientists to solve the grand challenges of our time, how should scientists interpret their role? And finally, what are the limits of a (Re-)Enlightenment?

Contributing to the panel discussion are GYA members Connie Nshemereirwe, Michael Saliba and Koen Vermeir


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