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National University of Medical Sciences

Biological Sciences/Section Microbiology & Immunology

National University of Medical Sciences, The Mall, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

Research Interests

Bioeconomy, Climate Change, Biosafety & Biosecurity, Antimicrobials, Science Diplomacy, STEM Education,


Topics to speak on:

Antimicrobials, One Health, Climate Change, Biosafety & Biosecurity

Words of Wisdom

We rise by lifting others.


Dr. Wasim Sajjad is working as Assistant Professor Microbiology and Convener BioCluster society at National University of Medical Sciences, Pakistan. Dr. Sajjad is a Fulbright Scholar, CAS-PIFI Visiting Associate Professor at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, an IFBA certified professional, HSP-Biosecurity Champ Fellow, and among 30 young scientists from Global South to participate Geneva Biosecurity Diplomacy Workshop 2022. He was also one of the speakers this year at the World Young Scientists Summit (WYSS). The Forum witnessed remarkable contributions where he presented his research and expertise on “A treasure hunt for extremophiles to drive sustainable development goals” to address climate action, life on land and partnership for the goals. He was also involved in roundtable 1 discussion on Science and Technology Diplomacy Serving Sustainable Development, where he delivered a talk on “Promoting STEM Education by Concept of Bio-Mimicry”.
Last year, he was also among few scientists invited to an international S&T Conference in preparation for the Ninth Review Conference of the Biological Weapons Convention by UNODA Geneva office. He was among 30 notable speakers to guide students in career fest expo 2022 organized by Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training. Dr. Sajjad is nominated as focal person for Prime Minister Innovation League (an initiative by honorable Prime Minister), aims to promote innovative ideas from students, that are directed at achieving 8 different UN SDGs, as a mentor he is maximizing the potential of young entrepreneurs. He is also a regional coordinator (Eastern Mediterranean) NextGen Global Health Security Network. Dr. Sajjad core expertise is in the field of Microbiology and his focused area of research is antimicrobials, microbial byproducts, biosafety & biosecurity, Science Diplomacy. Dr Sajjad is global idea market runner-up 2021 and global winner of 2022 at SRI a joint initiative by Future earth and Belmont Forum USA. He has published more than 25 research articles and presented multiple studies at different forums, facilitated PBSA and NIH in capacity building workshops on IPC, Biosafety & Biosecurity.
Dr. Sajjad has a diverse background of work experience that includes academia, industry, and government. In particular, his work with the Pakistan Biological Safety Association, Health Security Partners, International Federation of Biosafety Association entailed him in the topics like science diplomacy, dual use research concern, biosafety, biosecurity and bio-economy. He is master biosafety and biosecurity trainer, an active member of American Society for Microbiology, member APECS science diplomacy group. He was awarded with competitive research grant in 2021 by Higher Education Commission focusing on isolation of antimicrobial peptides from marine source against MDR pathogens. Dr. Sajjad was the convener to drive a massive campaign to raise awareness in public and stakeholders for antimicrobial resistance through celebrating WHO World Antimicrobial Awareness Week (NUMS-WAAW) and to promote STEM education through agar art where students used colored microbes to create a master-piece.


Fulbright Scholar, J1 Research Scholar Oregon State University

SRI Runner 2021, Winner 2022 (Sustainability Research & Innovation Congress, Belmont Forum & Future Earth

Among 30 young Scientists from Global South “Biosecurity Diplomacy Workshop 2022 cohort”

Biosecurity Champion Fellow, Health Security Partners

CAS Presidential Fellowship Visiting Fellow (Associate Professor)

HEC-NRPU Research Grant