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Universiti Sains Malaysia

Discipline of Pharmaceutical Technology

Research Interests

Chan Siok Yee is a fully registered pharmacist and a member of academic staff in the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, USM since 2013. Siok Yee’s research interest lies in the development of drug delivery system using solid dispersion technique and the use of polymeric material in the said system.

She is also one of the initiators in the school who embraces innovative idea of flipped classroom, eLearning platform and video tutorial for compounding pharmacy, online tools in her teaching with award winning achievement and most importantly positive students’ feedbacks. These happened well before the hit of COVID-19 crisis.

Words of Wisdom

“If you change a human heart, the culture will follow…”
Be the change you want to see

I would not have dreamt of being a scientist or pharmacist, and much less a doctorate holder 20 years ago. But I was given an opportunity and made the best out of it with only the moral support from my family. I have now a family of my own and with my siblings, we are gradually bringing up our family’s quality of life. Education is the greatest tool one can use to improve one’s life, as an individual and also for her whole family. Hence, I have now dedicated my life to also play the role of an educator to help change lives, of regular and less fortunate students. Aside from academic knowledge, my lectures sometimes include informal sessions to help students realize their role as responsible entities in society, instill good moral values, and good learning habits.

Equally important is my role as a scientist and pharmacist, to use my knowledge and innovativeness to bring improvement to everyday life, one small idea at a time. I am passionate in executing new ideas, big or small. I see every single event as potential of idea generator. Therefore, research is not just a career but an integral part of my life goal to bring change.


Associate Professor Dr Chan Siok Yee is a fully registered pharmacist and a member of academic staff and program chair of discipline pharmaceutical technology in the School of Pharmaceutical Science, Universiti Sains Malaysia. she is a highly popular and well-regarded group member as her social skills and ability to work effectively with others are exceptional. After her PhD she joined as visiting researcher in School of Pharmacy, University College London when I was offered the position of Director of School of Pharmacy, UCL. At UCL, Siok Yee was working in electrospinning of pharmaceutical excipients and picked up new skills in nanofabrication.

Her research journey from PhD to her current position has involved her combining fundamental principles of physical chemistry, polymer science and nanotechnology with the design and development of drug delivery systems in order to better utilise medicines and to ensure that they are released from the dosage form at the appropriate rate and at the appropriate site in the body.  For example, she has applied principles of solid state chemistry and characterisation for developing stabilised pharmaceutical formulations for poorly water soluble drugs using solid dispersion strategies which involve the molecular dispersion of drugs in water-miscible polymeric matrices such that the (thermodynamically favoured) coalescence of the molecules back into the crystalline state does not occur over the lifetime of the product, an issue that is a major challenge to the pharmaceutical industry at present.

She uses the fundamental principles and apply them to problems that are pertinent and current within the patient community in Malaysia and the region, hence she is trying to solve real time problems using her knowledge of the science underpinning the proposed dosage forms that will be appropriate for the given patient group.   This has led to the award of an international grant by Global Research Challenge Fund, involving a project at look into a low-cost product development that tackle malnutrition among the children in the indigenous community of Malaysia using local resources; this project was made possible by the basic knowledge she obtained on the basic principles of resource development and manufacture, initially applied to complex pharmaceutical dosage forms but also applicable in a more general sense to other resources such as nutrients. Complexity in application of the fundamental knowledge translated into industrial and community impact has facilitate in the establishment of her own research group known as “Thought Formulation Lab”.

Associate Professor Chan Siok Yee showed qualities of a mature, meticulous, dedicated, systematic, resourceful and a persevering academic. On top of that, Siok Yee has a great leadership quality which could be seen from her affiliation to several societies such as Global Young Academy, Editor in Chief for Malaysian Journal of Pharmacy, Science Leadership Working group in the Young Scientist Network, member of the Malaysian Pharmacy Society, and serves as the Vice President for Malaysia Society of Pharmaceutical Technology. Her impressive academic record coupled with her commitment and passion in carrying out good research reflect her true scholarship.



1st winner Asian Young Pharmacist Award 2019 in 5th Asian Young Pharmacists Group Leaddrship Summit 2019, Yogyakarta, November 7-10, 2019

Chan Siok Yee, Anugerah Pendidik Sanjungan, Kelompok Sains Gunaan, 23, September, 2019, Anugerah Sanggar Sanjung Universiti Sains Malaysia

1st Placing, CHAN SIOK YEE, The chye Teik, Teoh Xin Yi, National Pharmacy Research Competition, Pharmaceutics, MyPSA NPRC 2019 , Aimst University Sungai Petani, Kedah Malaysia, 9-10th March 2019

Best oral presentation, Chan Siok Yee, Goh Choon Fu*, Rice Film as a Potential Dosage Form for Drug Delivery, 27th Federation of Asian Pharmaceutical Association, 24th – 27th October 2018, Philippine international Convention Center, Manila, Philippines

Gold Medal Putra InnoCreative Carnival In Teaching And Learning

Chan Siok Yee, Teoh Xin Yi, winner of oral presentation, Asian Young Pharmacists Group , Indonesia , 2019 (International) 5th Asian Young Pharmacists Group Leadership Summit 2019, Yogyakarta, November 7-10, 2019