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University of Kiel/ University of Sussex

Social Sciences

Research Interests

Project Management, Anti-corruption strategies, Social Norms, Dark Triad of Personality


Topics to speak on:

Project Management, Anti-Corruption Strategies, Personal Development


Aram Simonyan became an Associate Professor at the International Scientific Educational Centre of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia, where he worked in the capacity of Chair of the Economics Department. His professional interests include interdisciplinary social science research and teaching on institutional and socio-psychological antecedents for creating a transparent governmental and pro-social work environment. Additionally, as a Project Management Professional (PMP) through teaching, training, and consulting, he is eager to make Project Management tools and techniques more accessible for personal and professional growth for individuals and organizations internationally.

Advanced in eight languages, Aram Simonyan held visiting positions at multiple European universities. Additionally, he was a Weiser Professional Fellow at the Gerald Ford School of Public Policy and a visiting Fulbright Scholar at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan.



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