In October 2021, GYA Global Health Working Group members, along with members of National Young Academies and similar early- to mid-career scientist networks organised and contributed to a New Voices in Global Health session at the World Health Summit in Berlin, Germany, titled “COVID-19 Vaccination Rollout: Opportunities and Challenges”.

The session was Co-Chaired by GYA members Shymaa Enany (Suez Canal University, Egypt), Stefan Kohler, (Heidelberg University, Germany), and Mai F. Tolba (Ain Shams University, Egypt).


D 11 - New Voices in Global Health

During the session, panelists shared their perspectives on opportunities and challenges in local, regional, and global COVID-19 vaccination rollout in a lightning talk format. GYA members and their presentations were as follows:

Kathryn Crowe (University of Iceland): “Help me understand! Combatting COVID-19 with clear communication”.
Mareli Claassens (University of Namibia): “Scylla and Charybdis: choice in the times of COVID-19 vaccination”.
Suraj Bhattarai (Global Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies, Nepal): “Unmet commitments of COVID-19 vaccination coverage in South Asia”.
David Fernandez Rivas (University of Twente, The Netherlands): “Small volume injection without needles: less pain and trash”.
Luciana Balboa (National Academy of Medicine, Argentina): “Collective consciousness arising from COVID vaccination as an opportunity to end tuberculosis: No one is safe until everyone is safe!”

More information on the World Health Summit, including recordings of the sessions and information on the program and speakers, is available here.