Following a call by the European Federation of Academies of Sciences and Humanities (ALLEA), GYA Members Lisa Herzog (Germany) and Robert Lepenies (Germany) and GYA alumnus Martin Dominik participated in a video competition on “Trust in science”.

Members of the Trust in (Young) Scientists incubator group wrote a statement, composed during the AGM, titled “Trust in Science – A Young Scientists’ Perspective”, addressed to ALLEA’s working group on Truth, Trust and Expertise.

Accompanying videos filmed during the GYA’s AGM in Pattaya were shown at the opening session of ALLEA’s General Assembly 2018, which took place in Sofia, Bulgaria, from 16 to 18 May, and formed part of the discussion there.

The „Trust in (Young) Scientists“ incubator is currently developing more ideas for both understanding and addressing the issues surrounding trust in science, and will draw on the GYA’s membership around the world to come up with diagnoses and suggestions. More information on the incubator can be found here

Robert Lepenies.

Entry for video competition on “Trust in science” Robert Lepenies

Lisa Herzog.

Entry for video competition on “Trust in science” Lisa Herzog

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You can view the playlist for all videos related to the ALLEA General Assembly on our youtube channel. or the ALLEA Trust in Science. page