“Trust in Science” was the overarching topic of the GYA’s 2021 online annual International Conference of Young Scientists, where young scientists from around the globe discussed the repercussions and importance of fostering trust in science when it comes to pressing global issues such as health, climate policy and food systems.

Trust and trustworthiness were also explored in the contexts of Open Science, and science communication; these are cross-cutting issues in which early-career researchers and professionals are particularly engaged.

With this Position Statement, the GYA highlights the important role and responsibility of young scientists and scholars, and of science organisations, in building and maintaining public trust in science.

Six key takeaways – recommended actions for early-career researchers and science organisations – are:

  • Engage with policy
  • Communicate with all
  • Move beyond the “knowledge deficit model”
  • Seek interdisciplinary perspectives
  • Make an impact
  • Open up science

Read more in the GYA Position Statement “Trust in Science” here (PDF).

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