13 June 2022 - 17 June 2022 All Day
The 2022 GYA Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held online from 13-17 June 2022, in connection with the International Conference of Young Scientists on the topic “Harmonizing Reason with Sensibility: Regenerating science for an inclusive and sustainable future” (latter from 14 June till 17 June 2022). The International Conference will be hosted by the Young Academy of Japan, with support from the Science Council of Japan (SCJ). Panels will be held at Kyushu University in Fukuoka, Japan, with online participation...
2022 International Conference of Young Scientists and GYA Annual General Meeting
10 May 2022 - 12 May 2022 All Day
Belgian Young Academy, Brussels
Young Academies from all over Europe will meet in Brussels, Belgium, on 10-12 May 2022. The meeting, organised by the Belgian Young Academy, will continue discussions from last year’s meeting including discussing best practices and areas of joint interest. The GYA will be represented by YASAS delegate and former EC member Maral Dadvar (Stuttgart Media University, Germany), as well as GYA Senior Project Officer Anna-Maria Gramatté, and a number of GYA members will participate wearing their respective national young academy...
2022 Meeting of the Young Academies from Europe
29 October 2021 - 30 October 2021 11:00 pm - 12:30 am
Join the Global Young Academy, Inter American Institute for Global Change Research, and National Science Policy Network's Science Diplomacy Committee on Friday, October 29th from 4:00-5:30 pm CDT as we jointly host a learning opportunity and happy hour social. The event will explore the current challenges and experiences of early career researchers in Latin America and the Caribbean, aiming to highlight key experiences this demographic faces as they navigate their careers. Additionally, it will also provide participants the opportunity to connect with one another over...
Strategies, Constraints and the Professional Lives of ECRs in LAC
30 September 2021 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm
More than 50 (National) Young Academies and young academy initiatives from all over the world were invited to attend the second online meeting of young academies on 30 September 2021, organised by the GYA. In 2020, the first-ever worldwide meeting of young academies saw fruitful discussions about young academy activities and the challenges they face. Best practices for member selection and engagement, as well as for how to do science advice or set up a new young academy were also exchanged. The 2021 online...
2021 Online Young Academies Meeting
21 September 2021 - 30 September 2021 All Day
This year's Tsukuba Conference will be a hybrid event held online (September 21 - 27) and at the Tsukuba International Congress Center (September 28 - 30). In July 2017, the Tsukuba Conference Organizing Council decided to create a new forum for future shapers—talented young leaders from industry, government and academia worldwide—and named it the “Tsukuba Conference.” The purpose of the Tsukuba Conference is to bring together future shapers beyond all borders to facilitate discussion among them. It provides them with...
Tsukuba Conference 2021: Inclusive Innovation for New Normal
1 June 2021 - 4 June 2021 All Day
The 2021 GYA Annual General Meeting (AGM) and International Conference of Young Scientists was held online from 1 - 4 June. The public Conference on 2 June 2021 addressed the topic "Trust in Science". Meeting Output and Outcomes Conference Statement: GYA Position Statement "Trust in Science" Full AGM and Conference Report: GYA 2021 AGM and Conference Report available | Global Young Academy Brief web report: GYA 2021 AGM and International Conference “Trust in Science” | Global Young Academy Conference Recordings:...
2021 International Conference of Young Scientists and GYA Annual General Meeting
22 March 2021 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm
The Global Young Academy's 2021 International Conference of Young Scientists will take place online on the topic of "Trust in Science". This virtual satellite panel opens this year's focus on trust in science with a close look at climate science. In the past year, climate change continued its devastating course, even as global attention shifted to the COVID-19 crisis. This GYA event brings together renowned scientists and GYA members to address trust in climate science, starting from the particular points...
Virtual Satellite Panel “Trust in Climate Science”
8 June 2020 - 12 June 2020 All Day
In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the GYA held its first virtual Annual General Meeting (AGM) in 2020. The International Conference of Young Scientists, on the topic "Heal the Earth: Sustainable Development Goals in a Changing World" was also held virtually four weeks after the AGM, and addressed ongoing global problems in panels on health, diminishing resources, higher education in times of crisis and science communication and engagement. Meeting Outcomes Conference Statement: GYA Conference Statement 'Heal the Earth'. Conference website...
2020 International Conference of Young Scientists and GYA Annual General Meeting (e-Meeting)
6 September 2019 7:00 am - 8:30 am
Hiddingh Hall Library, Cape Town
The World Economic Forum on Africa (link) meeting is being held in Cape Town from the 4 - 6 September 2019. In partnership with the South African Young Academy of Science (SAYAS) and the University of Cape Town (UCT), the GloSYS Africa team and GYA will host a WEF affiliates breakfast session on the 6th of September 2019. Three of the GloSYS Africa champions (Abdeslam Badre, Anna Coussens and Fridah Erastus) will facilitate the session, and while the remaining two...
World Economic Forum Africa 2019
5 September 2019 - 7 September 2019 All Day
Wolfson College, Oxford
The GYA At-Risk Scholars Initiative is holding an Academic Interdisciplinary Research Leadership Workshop, co-hosted by Wolfson College, University of Oxford, and the GYA, from 4-7 September 2019 at Wolfson College, UK. Over 20 UK-based at-risk scholars and researchers will participate. The purpose of the workshop is to preserve the research potential of outstanding at-risk or refugee academic researchers, by supporting their academic integration and imparting the practical skills needed to succeed in their new higher education environments. The GYA is also collaborating...
At-Risk Scholars Interdisciplinary Research Leadership Workshop
31 July 2019 - 2 August 2019 All Day
Duy Tan University, Da Nang
The 4th Worldwide Meeting of Young Academies (WWMYA) took place from 31 July - 2 August 2019 in Da Nang, Vietnam, hosted by the Vietnam Young Academy (VYA) and co-organised by the Global Young Academy (GYA). The meeting was kindly hosted at Duy Tan University, who were also supporting the organisation of this meeting. Theme: Young Academies for Promoting Peaceful and Inclusive Societies Programme The 2019 WWMYA brought together representatives from existing and from newly-establishing young academies from all over...
4th Worldwide Meeting of Young Academies 2019 - “Young Academies for Promoting Peaceful and Inclusive Societies”
29 April 2019 - 3 May 2019 All Day
Leopoldina, Halle, Germany, Halle
International Conference of Young Scientists & Anniversary Annual General Meeting of the Global Young Academy 29 April – 3 May 2019 | Public days: 1 – 3 May 2019 | Halle (Saale), Germany, at the German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina The GYA Anniversary International Conference of Young Scientists and Annual General Meeting celebrates the 10th anniversary of the GYA. Recognizing that the GYA thrives from the activities of its 200 members and builds on the work of its over...
AGM 2019: International Conference and Anniversary Annual General Meeting of the Global Young Academy
5 September 2018 - 7 September 2018 All Day
Laxenburg, Austria, Laxenburg
The 2018 Evidence and Policy Summer School in Laxenburg, Austria is organised by the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) and the Joint Research Centre (JRC), in collaboration with the International Network for Government Science Advice (INGSA) and the Global Young Academy (GYA). The workshop will focus on the role of population and migration for sustainable development in the European Neighbourhood. In a world flooded with information making sense of and communicating knowledge, or evidence, is highly challenging. Evidence-informed...
Evidence and policy summer school – science, policy and demography
7 May 2018 - 11 May 2018 All Day
Pattaya, Thailand, Pattaya
The 2018 conference, focusing on the theme: 'Forever Young? Sustainable and healthy longevity through science and technology' (click link to be taken to the AGM event site) took place in Pattaya, Thailand from 7 to 11 May 2018. GYA members from over 50 countries, distinguished members of the GYA advisory board, senior scientists, government and NGO actors, and science administrators from around the world attended this meeting to work together on the goals of this global organisation. Pictures from the...
8th International Conference of Young Scientists and GYA Annual General Meeting 2018
25 April 2018 - 27 April 2018 All Day
University of Munich, Munich, Germany, Munich
With close to 250 million international migrants, and almost 70 million refugees and many more displaced persons worldwide, the topic of newcomer integration into host societies has become a pressing issue of our time. In the wake of the recent influx of refugees in Europe, private individuals often have stepped up to support the well-being of refugees in multiple ways: they welcomed strangers upon their arrival, donated money, clothes or furniture, and dedicated their time and energy to support newcomers...
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29 March 2018 - 30 March 2018 All Day
Oxford, UK, Oxford
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20 March 2018 2:00 pm - 6:30 pm
Maison Française d’Oxford, Oxford, UK, Oxford England
‘Perspectives on Open Science’, an international workshop on Open Science convened by GYA Co-Chair Moritz Riede (UK) and GYA Open Science Working Group co-lead Koen Vermeir (France) will be held on 20 March 2018 in Oxford (UK). The workshop is being co-organised by the GYA and Maison Française d’Oxford. Theme: Open Science is currently undergoing major changes. From an activist movement promoting the open sharing of scientific results it has transformed into the dominant framework in European science policy. On...
International Workshop on Open Science
16 March 2018 - 21 March 2018 All Day
Pretoria, South Africa, Pretoria
The GYA Women in Science Group co-organised a 22-24 March CIFAR Women in Science Leadership Workshop titled ‘Fostering diverse and inclusive leadership in academia’, which took place as a pre-event to the 2018 Global Gathering of the Next Einstein Forum in Kigali Rwanda.
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19 July 2017 - 21 July 2017 All Day
Johannesburg, South Africa, Johannesburg
The 3rd Worldwide Meeting of Young Academies took place in Johannesburg, South Africa, from 19-21 July 2017, hosted by the South African Young Academy of Science (SAYAS) and co-organised by the Global Young Academy (GYA). The meeting was a great opportunity for representatives from NYAs and similar bodies to exchange ideas and expertise, discuss successful Young Academy activities and think about future networking and cooperation both on a global and regional levels. Regional outbreak sessions on specific issues also formed...
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15 May 2017 - 19 May 2017 All Day
Aviemore, Scotland, Scotland
The 2017 GYA Conference took place in Aviemore, Scotland, from 15 to 19 May 2017, and focused on ‘Social Justice in a Rapidly Changing World’. The International Conference of Young Scientists and Annual General Meeting (AGM) is the annual key event of the Global Young Academy. Young researchers from over 40 countries met with local young and senior scientists, government and NGO representatives, as well as science administrators from around the world to work together on the goals of this...
7th International Conference of Young Scientists and GYA Annual General Meeting 2017