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University of Mauritius
Department of Health Sciences

Reduit, Mauritius

Research Interests



Devina Lobine is currently a post- doctoral research fellow at the University of Mauritius. Her research interest is centered on ethno-pharmacology, drug discovery and development on non-communicable diseases. She is particularly investigating ‘herbal phosphodiesterase inhibitors as therapeutics for managing Alzheimer’s disease’. Devina holds a BSc (Hons) in Agricultural Biotechnology and a PhD in Natural Products. Devina is passionate about youth empowerment, as they are the drivers of the future. In her roles as Youth Ambassador of Southern Africa Network for Biosciences (SANBio), a Fellow of Africa Science Leadership Programme and Next Einstein Forum Ambassador, she is actively engaged in promoting STEM and fostering bio-innovation in young mind in Africa. Devina is devoted to contributing significantly to the development of science by sharing knowledge, skills and ideas with different key communities of science in Mauritius and across borders.