The Young Scientist Ambassador Programme (YSAP) promotes the efforts of GYA members to build new collaborative research capacity between nations that historically have had minimal scientific contact.

We are excited to announce our 2019 call for new proposal submissions. This year YSAP will fund up to two missions, each at 750 EUR, to GYA members who have not previously been awarded funding from YSAP. The proposed missions must be completed in 2019 and each awardee must prepare and submit a mission report to YSAP no later than December 2019. To understand how to submit a successful mission proposal, please see the guide. Should you want to view an example of a recently funded YSAP mission, please email YSAP co-lead John Malone ().

YSAP aims to create new collaborations that enhance academic and professional interests and to engage communities in the exciting research that will develop as a result of the new partnership. By doing so, YSAP gives voice to young scientists, promotes science as a career choice for young people, narrows the gap between the developing and developed world, and helps develop new research capacity worldwide. Last year, YSAP fostered new interactions among 13 countries, 916 students, and 147 faculty members, illustrating the extensive reach, passion, and determination that GYA members have for establishing new international research collaborations. To read about these missions, learn more about the goals and history of YSAP, and to watch our overview videos describing the programme, please visit the YSAP home page here.

To submit a mission proposal, please complete the application form and send all materials to YSAP co-lead John Malone () by 22 March 2019. The YSAP advisory committee will review applications and provide funding decisions at the beginning of April. For general inquires about submitting a mission proposal, questions, or more information please do not hesitate to contact John Malone ().