Currently, there are over 250 international migrants and close to 70 million refugees, asylum seekers and displaced people around the world. This makes the topic of integration of people who are settling in a new country and environment of crucial importance.

At an international workshop in Melbourne, Australia, GYA member Karly Kehoe (Canada), and alumni Jan-Christoph Heilinger (Germany) and Eva Alisic (Australia) reflected on integration from a range of perspectives (including moral philosophy and history), discussed the role of individual citizens in integration, and examined historical evidence for how migrants in the 19th century would have described themselves. The workshop took place 21 February at the Melbourne Social Equity Institute.

The group also put the final touches to their upcoming edited volume ‘Responsibility for Refugee and Migrant Integration’, which will be launched at the GYA’s Annual General Meeting in Halle, Germany in May this year.