The Burundi Council of Young Scientists, the Ghana Young Academy, the Nigerian Young Academy and the South African Young Academy of Science, together with the senior science academies in Nigeria, Senegal and Sudan, have been selected for the InterAcademy Partnership’s African Academies Diaspora Fellows Programme.

The Fellows Programme is part of InterAcademy Partnership’s project on Harnessing Science, Engineering, and Medicine to Address Africa’s Challenges, and aims to enable African academies of science, medicine or engineering to invite members of the African Diaspora to work with them on policy initiatives and/or other activities designed to strengthen the host academy. Officers of any senior or young academy in any country in Africa were eligible to apply for funds to invite a Diaspora fellow for visits of 7 days or longer.

The young academies will carry out the following projects:

Burundi Council of Young Scientists: Using Science, Technology and Innovation to Improve Nutrition and Promote Sustainable Agriculture to Achieve Food Security

Ghana Young Academy: Development of a 5-Year Strategic Plan for the Ghana Young Academy

Nigerian Young Academy: Multidisciplinary Research: A Cornerstone for Sustainable Development

South Africa Young Academy of Sciences: Building Science and Policy Capacities of Young Academies of Science.