The Africa Oxford Initiative (AfOx) and the African Academy of Sciences (AAS) convened a meeting of AAS Affiliates, international research leaders, and funders at The University of Oxford from 6 to 8 August 2018.

Among the attendees were GYA members Adewale Adewuyi (Nigeria), GYA Co-Chair Tolu Oni (UK), Maha Nasr (Egypt), Marian Nkansah (Ghana), and Lahcen El Youssfi (Morocco). GYA Advisory Board member Kevin Marsh was an organiser of the event.

Lahcen, who is also an AAS Affiliate, had this to say about the meeting: ‘The Afox-AAS meeting was eagerly anticipated by the young affiliates of the African Academy of Sciences to discuss and build a common vision for the future of sciences in Africa. It aims not only the evaluation the contribution of Science in the development of the continent and its impact, but also to create a solid and sustainable cooperation between the young African scientists and their international peers. Being an Affiliate of the AAS is a great opportunity for me to contribute in all forms in the science development and to work on tools and mechanisms that may help young scientists from the continent and internationally to develop their careers and to have an influence on policy while acting as engines for rapid development of the continent.’

Marian (below, left) added that ‘Being an AAS Affiliate has been enriching for my career progression. It has opened many doors that I never knew existed. Interaction with the AAS fellows who offer mentorship freely has also shaped my thoughts and goals as an academic.”