Today is World Science Day for Peace and Development!
This year’s theme is ‘Science for Global Understanding’.

Initiated by UNESCO and celebrated every 10 November, World Science Day for Peace and Development highlights how science plays a crucial role in our society and daily lives.

“Sciences, Technology and Innovation (STI) provide key answers to build peace and bolster sustainable development. We need more integrated science to strengthen water management, to ensure the sustainable use of the ocean, to protect ecosystems and biodiversity, to tackle climate change and disasters, to foster innovation.” Message from UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova

This year on World Science Day, 28 GYA members and alumni are at the Dead Sea in Jordan actively participating in the World Science Forum ‘Science for Peace’. Read about GYA involvement here.

Highlight from our members
New GYA member Ibrahim Sidi Zakari (Niger) is coordinating an online discussion on the role of mobile technologies in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Comments are currently being gathered on the video ‘Intégration des Applications Google dans la Co-création de Ressources éducatives et l’Evaluation des Compétences des Etudiants (IAG-CoRECE)’. The video is in French, but comments are welcome also in English, and English subtitles are envisaged for the future.

See and comment on the video here.