Hard core science skepticism – What can young scientists do?

Following the 2021 AGM theme of “Trust in Science”, the working groups “Trust in (Young) Scientists” and “Global Health” organised a webinar titled “Hardcore science skepticism – What can young scientists do?” The webinar was moderated by past Executive Committee member and Global Health co-lead Sandra Lopez-Verges (Gorgas Memorial Institute for Health Studies, Panama). The […]

GYA 2021 AGM and Conference Report available

The Global Young Academy has published a full report on its 2021 online International Conference of Young Scientists and Annual General Meeting on the topic “Trust in Science”. The report leads with a message from the GYA Co-Chairs, and includes summaries, insights and links to session recordings from the International Conference panels and GYA Working […]

GYA releases Position Statement on Trust in Science

“Trust in Science” was the overarching topic of the GYA’s 2021 online annual International Conference of Young Scientists, where young scientists from around the globe discussed the repercussions and importance of fostering trust in science when it comes to pressing global issues such as health, climate policy and food systems. Trust and trustworthiness were also […]

Science with Society Project unveils new videos at the AGM and International Conference “Trust in Science”

During the “Improving Trust through Communication” session of the 2021 AGM and International Conference “Trust in Science“, Lisa Herzog (University of Groningen) unveiled “Science with Society” – the SCISO Project. The SCISO Project wants… … to raise awareness among (young) scientists about the role of science in society, science ethics, and science communication as a […]

GYA 2021 AGM and International Conference “Trust in Science”

The GYA held its second online Annual General Meeting from 1-4 June, together with an online International Conference of Young Scientists on the topic “Trust in Science”, which was open to public participation. Over 170 GYA members and alumni and over 490 external guests from 114 countries registered to take part in sessions throughout the […]

Trust in Climate Science panel starts International Conference

Launching an ozonesonde balloon. Photo by U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration on Unsplash

An online satellite panel and discussion on “Trust in Climate Science” opened the Global Young Academy’s 2021 International Conference of Young Scientists on the topic of “Trust in Science”. Moderated by Leila Niamir (Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change, Germany), the panel discussion featured insights from experts in oceanography, physics, science policy […]

Capacity-building continues to be a cornerstone of the GYA

Screenshot from Webinar on the Role of Young Academies in the Development of Africa, October 2020.

The GYA and its members have embraced the opportunity to meaningfully collaborate online by organising and participating in a number of international, thematic workshops and capacity-building initiatives for its members and alumni, as well as for early-career researchers (ECRs) from the global network of Young Academies. Online skills training workshops from the last quarter of […]

Trust in (Young) Scientists group attracts Volkswagen grant

The GYA working group on “Trust in (Young) Scientists” has attracted a grant from the Volkswagen Foundation for its video project on “Science ∞ Society: Video tutorials on science ethics and science communication”. The project will be carried out in collaboration with the German National Institute for Science Communication (NaWik), and runs for the period […]

Trust in (Young) Scientists organize science communication webinar

On 11 December, the GYA working group Trust in (Young) Scientists offered a two-hour webinar on “Science communication through blogs and video blogs”, organised by the group’s co-lead Lisa Herzog (Netherlands). GYA members and alumni, as well as members from a number of National Young Academies participated. The instructors, Tobias Maier and Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim, started […]

New GYA Incubator & new working group projects

For the 2019-2020 funding period, GYA members will continue to be active in 18 working groups within the three GYA Themes of Science & Society, Research Environment, and Science Education and Outreach. The Incubators on Citizen Science for the 2030 SDG Agenda and the GYA Rainbow group continue their work. A third Incubator on Industry […]

GYA members at science media conference SILBERSALZ

The second science media film festival – ‘SILBERSALZ’ – took place in Halle (Saale), coordinated by Documentary Campus and supported by the Robert Bosch Foundation, from 20 – 23 June. A two-day conference from 22-23 June again brought together scientists and scholars and media professionals, hosted by the German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina. The […]