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Independent University, Bangladesh

Department of Life Sciences

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bioinformatics, genomics, molecular biology


Sabrina M Elias is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Life Sciences at the Independent University, Bangladesh. Her teaching focuses on Genomics, Bioinformatics, Biostatistics and Plant Biotechnology. She holds a BSc and an MS degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. She earned a PhD degree focusing plant genomics and quantitative genetics from the University of Dhaka in collaboration with University of Nebraska Lincoln, University of Texas at Austin and International Rice Research Institute.

Her research interests are focused on functional genomics studies using gene editing and cloning technologies for development of climate resilient crops. She worked as a post-doctoral fellow in a continuation of the PhD project and was chosen for the Beachell Borlaug International Scholar (BBIS) impact award from Bayer in 2020. Earlier in 2012 she was selected as TWAS.BVA.NXT fellow and FAOBMB Young scientist program fellow. She worked as a researcher in National Jute genome project, Plant Biotechnology Laboratory (DU), in Australian National University, as a guest faculty in University of Dhaka, and cBLAST, an online bioinformatics course platform. She is a member of the Global Young Academy and current Secretary of National Young Academy of Bangladesh.