The National Young Academy of Bangladesh (NYAB) began its journey on 16 June 2019, with its public launch during its first Annual General Meeting (AGM), held at the Centre for Advanced Research in Sciences (CARS), University of Dhaka. The NYAB has 20 members and is being led by Mohammaed Abdul Basith from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology and an Executive Committee of nine members. The NYAB is the fourth young academy to be established in South Asia.

GYA Co-Chairs Connie Nshemereirwe (Uganda) and Koen Vermeir (France), Bangladesh Academy of Sciences’ (BAS) President Quazi Abdul Fattah, and President Emeritus of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences Bruce Alberts sent their greetings. Professor Naiyyum Choudhury, Vice-President of the BAS, was present at the launch, as were further eminent scientists.

The NYAB opened up its path towards engaging in science diplomacy activities with GYA member Mahesh Kumar (India), who is the Chair of the Indian National Young Academy of Science, and Srinjoy Mitra (India), joining the inauguration ceremony.

The NYAB has come a long way from the first planning steps to initiating with four ad-hoc committee members including two GYA alumni and two current GYA members: Muhammad Manjurul Karim, Abdullah Shams Bin, Monir Uddin Ahmed, and Nova Ahmed.