The GYA is coordinating a new global working group on Open Science, comprising members from 25 National Young Academies (NYAs) from around the globe, as well as members from the GYA’s long-standing working group on Open Science.

Back in August 2019, at the Worldwide Meeting of Young Academies, young scientists from NYAs got together and discussed how to better collaborate. One of the key themes that recurred in the discussion was Open Science. Indeed, the discussion of Open Science is changing and is becoming more and more a global phenomenon, with increasing interest from young scientists all over the world. It appears that there are various implications on young scientists based on research area, geographic locations and acceptability of publication values when Open Science is concerned, and young scientists are certainly the most affected by the current changes in the publication landscape. In many countries, big changes are happening that also have a global impact, and we need to exchange more in order to understand these better and propose new actions at a national and international scale.

This new working group is also the first of its kind to connect NYAs and the GYA. NYAs who have not yet nominated a representative to this group can still do so by sending an email to Anna-Maria at the GYA Office ().

These are challenging times, but also times full of opportunities. One of them is the future of Open Science: indeed, the current COVID pandemic underlines the need for open science policies to stop delaying the sharing of scientific information. Read more about this in the recent GYA COVID19 statement: