Koen Vermeir, Co-Chair of the GYA, represents the scientific experts at the launch of the new report. Other panelists represented the broader scientific community, the EU Commission, EU Parliament and EU Council.

The new JRC report “Understanding Our Political Nature”, co-created by more than 60 experts and policy makers, including GYA members Robert Lepenies, Roberta D’Alessandro and Koen Vermeir, was launched on 18 July 2019 in Brussels. The report explains a new way of science-informed policy making that will reshape the practice of science advice, as well as policy and politics more broadly. You can read the report here: https://ec.europa.eu/jrc/en/facts4eufuture/understanding-our-political-nature.

Koen Vermeir, Co-Chair of the GYA, was one of the keynotes at the launch, highlighting the GYA as one of the new voices in science advice. He explained that the GYA brings a distinct interdisciplinary and global perspective on the most important issues of the day and is committed to building a bridge between academia and policymakers.