You are the GYA – share your story!

To better report on all the endeavours our members and alumni are involved in, the GYA Media Office invites you to become a reporter on the GYA’s behalf.

We need your help – your input, thoughts and pointers – to make all those activities you are involved in, as well as any honours and awards you have received, visible on our website, our social media channels and print products.

For easier submission of information, we have created this form. Simply fill in the fields and hit submit.

Thank you!

GYA Media Office Info Hub: Submit your story.

  • Insert your current country of residence please.
  • What is your information about? An event? If so, state which one. Best would be to shape this like a news item headline to give the media office instant insight into what your submission is about.
  • Let us know what is happening and what you are reporting on. Feel free to write in bullet point style, summarising the most important things about the event / issue / topic you are reporting on. Remember to include names especially of fellow GYA members and alumni if applicable. Please clearly state when you are providing texts from other sources.
  • Are there any external links to other sources you want to provide? Paste them into this field - or add whatever detail you think might be of interest to us beyond the main information provided.
  • If you have taken photos and would like to share them with us, use this field. You may simply drag and drop the files to upload. Make sure the photos are of good quality. Logos / banners / programs may as well be uploaded. Make sure to be cautious with possibly copy-righted material. For sharing of videos, please contact us at the media office through email directly.
    Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf.
    • If in doubt about anything pertaining to your report / submission, simply contact the media office at directly. Do note that by uploading photos you automatically consent to the GYA Office using those photographs.