The 2021-22 GYA Sasha Kagansky Interdisciplinary Grant has been awarded to Paulina Carmona-Mora (University of California-Davis, USA) and Bernardo Urbani (Venezuelan Institute for Scientific Research), and project co-applicants Sandra López Vergès (Gorgas Memorial Institute for Health Studies, Panama), Iwona Janicka (Aarhus University, Denmark) and Cristina Blanco Sío-López (Ca’Foscari University of Venice, Italy), for the narrative project: 

COVID-19 pandemic and the personal experiences of global young researchers. 

Read more about their project here.


About the GYA Sasha Kagansky Interdisciplinary Grant

The GYA includes a diverse membership of scientists and scholars, in many disciplines, based in low/middle-income countries and high-income countries. This grant scheme was initiated in 2014, aiming to foster collaboration across the lines that often separate researchers and limit possibilities. Specifically, this scheme facilitates the development of small-scale, innovative, curiosity-driven, blue-sky, exploratory research pilots or prototypes that unite researchers in low/middle-income countries and high-income countries and cross disciplinary boundaries. The Sasha Kagansky Interdisciplinary Grant, awarded annually, was re-named in 2021 in honor of late GYA member Alexander (Sasha) Kagansky.


Current and past GYA Interdisciplinary Grant projects:

2021/22: Young Researchers and the COVID-19 Pandemic
2020/21: The COVID-19 pandemic and art
2019/20: Citizen Science for Reducing Exposure to Urban Air Pollution
2018/19: Can Digital Storytelling be used as a Tool for Countering Language Endangerment?
2017/18: Biochar for food security and sustainable ecosystem services
2016: Ethics in environmental decision-making: From individual acts to global outcomes
2015/16: Connecting epigenetics and natural resources
2014/15: One-dimensional molecular current wires using tailored-to-the-purpose chemistry