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The National Higher School of Chemistry, Ibno Tofail University, Kenitra/Khenifra Superior School of Technology, Sultan Moulay Slimane University (SMS University)

Environmental Engineering Department

Kenitra/Khenifra, Morocco

Research Interests



Topics to speak on:

Sustainable Agriculture, Food Security, water Management and Water Food Energy Nexus


Agronomy Engineer, Agro-Environment Researcher,

Lahcen is currently an associate professor at the National Higher School of Chemistry of Kenitra, Ibn Tofail University based in Kenitra Morocco. He is member of the team of Water and Energy Technologies training program and member of the Natural Resources Sustainable Development Laboratory (LRN2D).  He is also the current president of the Sciences & Development an NGO base in Morocco.
Previously, Lahcen was a the coordinator of the training program on agriculture and rural development and the head of the Environmental Engineering and Agrobiotech Department at the Higher SChool of Technnology of Khenifra, Sultan Moulay Slimane University, Morocco. He is past coordinator of the research committee at the School Council. His is past member of the research group on Environment and Natural Resources Management in his institution and a member of the Plant Biotechnology and Sustainable Natural Resources Management Laboratory belonging to the Pluridisciplinary Faculty of Benimellal, SMS University. He focuses in his research on the development of application of bio-ecological, technical and economic principles for sustainable agro-ecosystems management (Soil, Water and Plant continuum). In fact, he is combining the work on many research aspects; for example, the research he conducted in an international context project: SWUP-MED (Sustainable Water Use Securing Food Production in Dry Areas of the Mediterranean region), combined activities related to food security, integrated water management and climatic change prevention. He is a member of the AfriAlliance Action Group on “Integrated Water Resource Management and Ethics” that regroups multidisciplinary researchers from African and European countries, which aims the reduction of the gap between Europe and Africa in Advancement of Integrated Water Resources Management. He is an Alumni of the BIARI program ‘climate Change’ at Brown University in the USA and member of many professional and research Associations working for Science. He is an alumni of the African Science Leadership Program leaded by GYA members and by the University of Pretoria in South Africa. Lahcen joined the Global Young Academy as a member in 2017 and he was elected in it’is leadership as an Executive Committee member for 2020-2021 term. On the other hand, He is affiliate of the African Academy of Sciences AAS for the period 2017-2021. He is coordinating the  AAS Affiliates working group on Agriculture, Food Security and Nutrition Sciences. Lahcen is also interested in developing social entrepreneurship with a group of students and Young Leaders. Science Entrepreneurship is also of  big interest for him.