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Gonzalo Tornaría (Licenciado en Matemática, Universidad de la República, 1999, PhD in Mathematics, University of Texas at Austin, 2005) is Full Professor of Mathematics at Universidad de la República, Uruguay. His research involves theoretical and algorithmic aspects of computational number theory.

Number theory is one of the most traditional and fructiferous research areas among mathematics. In Uruguay there was no tradition and almost no activity in number theory. Since his return to Uruguay in 2006, Gonzalo is committed to the development of number theory and its applications to cryptography, coding theory and telecommunications, giving particular attention to the fostering of young researchers in the area.

He encouraged the establishment, since 2011, of Encuentros Regionales de Teoría de Números, joining together young researchers and students from Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Santa Fé and Montevideo as a way to promote national development through regional collaborations. He was a consultant in a multidisciplinary project on security aspects of telecommunications funded by the state phone company for four years between 2007 and 2011. His scientific trajectory in the country has been recognized with the prize “Dr. Roberto Caldeyro Barcia” for young scientists.