Germany’s Die Junge Akademie admitted ten new members at its annual celebration on the evening of 25 May 2019. For these outstanding scholars and artists the date marked the beginning of a five-year membership in the academy. The newly selected members come from a broad range of disciplines: biology/geography, history, Islamic studies, art history, mathematics, medicine, sociology, and linguistics/philology. The new members also include an architect and a performance artist.

The Junge Akademie’s annual celebration this year focused on the topic of “impact”. Filmmaker Anna Henckel-Donnersmarck led the audience through the evening, which was set-up as a talk show with the Junge Akademie’s outgoing Speaker Christoph Lundgreen, Managing Director Marion Schulte zu Berge and Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities President Martin Grötschel reflecting on the past year’s activities of the Junge Akademie.

The GYA was represented by its Co-Chair Koen Vermeir (France), EC members Robert Lepenies (Germany) and Michael Saliba (Switzerland), who is also a member of the German Junge Akademie, as well as GYA Project Officer Anna-Maria Gramatté.

Die Junge Akademie/Peter Himsel

The Junge Akademie also elected their new Board for the 2019/20 period with Philipp Kanske (Dresden) as the speaker for the next 12 months. Further Board members are Ulrike Endesfelder (Marburg), Lukas Haffert (Zurich, Switzerland), Christian Hof (Munich), and Ricarda Winkelmann (Potsdam).

See the Junge Akademie’s news release here for more details.