GYA alumni Eva Alisic (Australia) and Hans Hilgenkamp (NL) have written an editorial in Science about New Voices, the new young academy-like organisation in the United States.

The piece on “New voices, at last” welcomes the launch of the “New Voices in science, Engineering and Medicine” by the U.S. National Academies as the latest addition in the ever-growing network of Young Academies around the world.

New Voices was launched as an initiative designed to bring diverse perspectives from early-career U.S. leaders to important dialogues around how science, engineering, and medicine are shaping the global future. Made possible with support from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, New Voices relies on partner organisations that share its mission to support its activities through collaboration, grants, and sponsorship.

The article also discusses the global young academy movement, which started with the German Junge Akademie in 2000; there are now more than 50 national young academies or similar organisations globally.

Since its foundation in 2009, the GYA has acted as a supporter of this growing global network of young academies, and a facilitator of joint projects and statements, as well as regional and worldwide meetings of young academies.

The 4th Worldwide Meeting of Young Academies will take place in Vietnam in July 2019.