The Global State of Young Scientists Africa (GloSYS Africa) project was recently featured in an expose that appeared in The Conversation.

The article presents the project’s initial findings, which point to a lack of mentoring, resources and funding as key issues that young scientists face across the continent. The GloSYS Africa project uses an online survey (currently open to respondents) and in-depth interviews to gather as much detail as possible to help address the issues that these researchers face.

The opening of the article reads as follows: ‘Young African scientists face persistent barriers which cause them to leave their own countries, and even academia. This means the continent’s work force loses highly trained people who are crucial for scientific and technological advancement, and for economic development.

It’s estimated that 20,000 highly educated professionals leave the continent annually, with up to 30% of Africa’s scientists among them.’

The full article is available here.

You can access the GloSYS Africa survey here.

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